The Actor's Passport

The Actor's Passport - Sonya Macari


The Actor’s Passport is an essential go-to guide written by a Hollywood insider to help give you that much needed extra edge when it comes to succeeding with your acting career. It's tailored specifically for those who are just starting out but also geared towards the working actor.

It's full of concise, informative chapters focusing on every aspect of the business, ranging from agents, unions, casting directors, to owning that audition and life on set.

The Actor’s Passport will help guide you in the right direction, with it's easy, constructive step-by step advice for the actor. If you're serious about your acting career and want to make informed choices on how to help you fulfil your true potential then this book is for you.


Customer Reviews


This was so helpful! full of great tips and concise information! should be any actors handbook in LA or anywhere! :)

The inside scoop

I wish I had read this book before enduring the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that is the aspiring actor's fate. After Bette Davis's advice to "Take Fountain", reading this book should be the next piece you take.

While acting is an art, they don't call it show business for nothing kid...

Very helpful

I found this guide to be up-to-date and relevant; not the same old re-hash I've seen in so many other books that tend to promise similar features - recommended